I grew up with a love of astrology, to me it was a mystical wisdom that offered guidance, direction + the feeling that I was never truly alone. The comfort I felt through the metaphysical inspired me to learn Vedic Meditation + study under Dr. Naina Marballi to become a Certified Holistic Practitioner of Ayurveda. This mind/body science teaches that although we are each unique individuals, we are all beautifully interconnected to each other, the natural world + the stars above. While Ayurveda taught me how to attune my body to nature’s rhythm, it was Human Design that reminded me of how to activate + listen to my body’s higher consciousness. Empowering me to realize that the comfort I was searching for was inside of me all along.

The beauty of Human Design is that it helps you reclaim the joy of living your life where all of your thoughts, feelings + actions are aligned to your truest SELF. Just as Vedic Meditation gives you a mantra to guide you through your meditation, Human Design gifts you with an emotional GPS to navigate your daily life and experience. Your inner dialogue will become more intuitive while your relationships with your loved ones more conscious + compassionate. My intent is to introduce a practice to help you feel more connected to yourself, your loved ones + the magic that enfolds when you trust in this power within.

~ Alison Powers Kleinert xx