The APK Practice


(1) Foundational Session with Alison:

Human Design helps you uncover your innate personal potential + teaches you how to listen to your Body’s Higher Consciousness. By activating this power within, you begin to live in tune to your natural rhythm. This will keep you in your magic lane + you will no longer allow your non-self to run the show. You will go home with the APK blueprint: your body graph, specific strategies + an introduction to my monthly practice. You will be invited to all monthly gatherings.

The next monthly APK Gathering will be May 17.

In person sessions (NYC) or anywhere by phone. All you need is your Birth Time, Date + Location.

For booking details and pricing, please email:

My reading with Alison was as if she gifted me my soul’s compass.
— Helvia Vega

(2) APK Practice:

We are each given a unique blend of energies that give us insight into our personality, what we would like to be recognized for + what experiences we need to cultivate in order to grow to our highest potential. These energies are determined by the position of the planets at the moment of our birth + can be accessed by our body graph chart.

The purpose of the APK practice is to strengthen these energies, or “powers”, by continually bringing the highest expression into your life. Our personal energy of each planet teaches us a different aspect of what we need to learn + embody. Following astrological tradition, I have created a monthly practice of activating our personal power(s) that corresponds with each month’s Ruling Planet(s). We will not only be more in tune with ourself but will feel in sync with the rhythm of the Universe.

You can become self-sufficient in your own practice with my book + workbook or attend the monthly Gatherings.

To be notified of book launch + events:

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